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Christian Aid Week

The week of 10-16 May is when we as a Church remember and pray for the work of Christian Aid. Christian Aid has stood alongside some of our most marginalised global neighbours who face great poverty and injustice. They have sought to make a difference, supporting those of all faiths and none.

We still need groups like Christian aid who seek to tackle global injustices. The recent Covid 19 pandemic has had a massive impact and has caused more injustice, widening the gap between rich and poor. Climate Change also causes great suffering, and though not as unexpected as the pandemic, is something Christian Aid are seeking to tackle too. Here is a video Christian Aid have made about Florence who lives in Kenya where a national emergency has been declared due to draught, which is being caused by Climate Change.

So, from our little corner of the world what can we do?

We can pray. Prayer is an action of great power and God tells us in the Bible that we can all pray to Him and lift up to Him the needs of our world. We can thank God for all the good that has been done through Christian Aid and pray for them to continue to be instruments of love, peace and justice. You can look on the Christian Aid website ( to find specific things to pray about, access prayer resources and even take part in a Prayer Chain.

During Christian Aid week they are encouraging us to take part in Tea-Time Prayer. Tea is one of the many things being affected by Climate Change, as harvesting crops and accessing clean water becomes difficult. As we drink our tea (or other favourite drink) we are encouraged to say a short prayer which you can find below. You can also sign up to the 'Virtual Tiny Tea Tent' to find out more about what they are doing and pray with others (

You can also donate to Christian Aid via their website ( or by contacting the church office. You can give to the organisation generally or donate to one of their specific appeals. Every gift, big or small, will help and will show the world that we seek change.

To find out more please go to the Christian Aid website.

Tea-time prayer

God of all of life,

waiting for the water to boil

we confess and lament

the rise of temperature

that has led to a climate crisis

across this beautiful planet.

We wait, impatient for change.

Pouring out hot water

on loose-leaf or tea bag,

into teapot or favourite mug,

we pour out our intercessions

for a change of heart by politicians

to put planet and people first.

Stirring teabag, leaves or sugar

we ask that you would stir in us

a passion to take action,

to do all we can at this critical hour

to take care of our common home

and amplify the call for climate justice.

Drinking that first satisfying sip

we give thanks for the day when

‘they will hunger no more,

and thirst no more’*

Infuse us with a strongly brewed vision

of your creation healed and restored.


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