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To love and to cherish

Congratulations on your engagement! An exciting and happy time lies ahead and there will be so much to think about. Marrying in church is personal, meaningful and spiritual, just as you want it to be. Churches are special and unique places to get married in - the prayers, promises and the whole service of celebration become part of your marriage, on the day itself and beyond. Lots of people marry in their own local church, but you might like to marry in a different church because it has special significance for you through family or other connections. 

The story of your relationship as a couple may have begun fairly recently or years ago. Either way, getting married is a whole new beginning for you, your family and others in your life. After you are married you have a new legal status, possibly a new name and a new family unit. This changes the way others relate to you too, whether they are close to you or not. The vows that you make in church with all your wedding guests present, acknowledge that life has its ups and downs, but that you lovingly commit wholly to each other, sharing all that you have and all that you are with the other, for the rest of your lives. 

So marriage means that your choices will always include another person in partnership with you, through good times and tough times. But also, you invite the blessing and guidance of a loving God into your relationship too. 

Our vicar will invite you to a discussion locally, possibly with other couples to provide space to think about the vows and the difference they will make, regardless of how long you have already been together. 

It's possible there are a number of churches that you can get married in legally, as a bride and groom-to-be can marry in a church away from where they live if either of them can show just one of seven connection with the parish. 


How to start planning a church wedding

Just got engaged? Click here to find out more about how to go about planning for your church wedding.

Can I get married at St Barnabas?

There are a few legal guidelines around what church you can get married in. Read on to find out the legal requirements for weddings. The best thing to do is to get in touch if you are unsure!

Do we both need to be Christians?

There is no requirement for anyone getting married in a church to be a practicing Christian. Read on to find out more

What does it mean to get married in church?

There are many things to think about when it comes to choosing where you think you would like to get married. Whether or not to get married in a church is one of the first steps! Explore what it means to marry in a church here. 

Your Church Wedding

"Your Church Wedding" is an amazing resource that will answer many of your questions before you even get in touch! It's worth taking a look if you are thinking about getting married at St Barnabas.

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Looking for a Venue?

Have you considered booking the church or halls for your venue?  Visit the Hire page for pictures of the halls and get in touch to find out more about how we can transform the venue for your perfect day.

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