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Make a booking

If you would like to speak to someone before making your booking or you'd prefer to book over the phone then please get in touch with the church office. 

Choose your venue and click the + button on the calendar to make your booking.
You will be redirected to our booking system.
Wait for confirmation of your booking
Pay deposit

Welcome to Hallmaster, our live booking and event management system!

Use the calendar below to check availability for our halls or the church itself. Once you click to make a booking, you will be redirected to Hallmaser. 


If you are an existing user, you will need to log in using your current login details.  If you are new here, please create an account on the Hallmaster website and please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the website.

To request a booking, please click on 'Bookings' under the dashboard. This request will then be sent to the office for approval of which you will then receive confirmation. You can also make requests to amend a booking. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until we have received the deposit. We ask for a deposit of £50 for children's events and £150 for adult events. 

All confirmed bookings will have an invoice raised against them which you can view and make payment for again, under the dashboard. 

Should you have any queries regarding Hallmaster or need any assistance to sign up as a new user, please contact the office who will assist.

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