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Defibrillator Cabinet Fundraiser

Fancy soaking Rev Sarah, Charlea, Cate or Billy whilst raising some money?

We are raising money for a defibrillator cabinet to go on the outside of the church halls so that our defibrillator can be accessed 24/7 by people in the community. The cabinet will cost £594.

We are hosting a fundraiser on 9th July after our 10:30am service. It will be held outside in the car park/on the grass near the car park. Come along and throw a wet sponge or a bucket of water at your chosen person!

There will be a contactless card machine available and we are able to take cash. If you aren't around on the 9th but would still like to donate, you can do so by clicking here.

A huge thank you to Charlea and all else involved for arranging this! Pictures will be taken!

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