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Hello & Goodbye...

Hello to Charlea!

We are delighted to welcome Charlea who will be spending a year with us as a participant in the Gloucester Ministry Experience Scheme. It was great to meet Charlea this morning and we look forward to seeing all that the year ahead holds! Here are a few words from Charlea to say hello:

"Hi, my name is Charlea. I am 23 years old. I absolutely love coffee, it is an essential, along with God, for getting me through the day. I enjoy going wild swimming in a lake I used to live 30 minutes from. I find it really refreshing and a time where I strongly feel God's peace. I enjoy baking when I have enough time and I can make some decent chocolate brownies.

One of my favourite passages in the Bible is Acts 2: 42-47 where it explains what the early church was like and how they were very focused on one another and being a community. I love this illustration and it inspires me to try to build deep relationships with people and create an atmosphere of community where we can all do life together. I always get an image of a group of people sat around a table sharing food, chatting and laughing together as a family. This has become a massive part of how I view the way church should be.

I am hoping this year will give me a chance to have a wide view of what Christian ministry is and where God is leading me. I would also like to develop strong, lasting relationships with the people I meet in my placement parish and with the people I am sharing a house with".

Please pray for Charlea as she settles in to Gloucester and for the year ahead!

Goodbye to Marge

If you have ever rung or emailed the office then chances are you have spoken to Marge. Marge has been our church administrator over the past years and we are so grateful for all she has done in keeping everything running smoothly! Marge is moving on to a new adventure as a plumber and administrator in another company. Whilst we will miss her in the office, we are thrilled that she will still be staying as part of the church family. Thank you Marge!

We will be introducing our new administrator soon so keep an eye out on the news page.

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