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St Barnabas Together

Yesterday, we held the first of the new "Family Fresh Air and Fun" mornings, which gave us a chance to meet as church in a different way! There were different "stations" where we could think about the theme of "Faithfulness" in a practical and hands on way, including a "Faithfulness Tree", scavenger hunt and other fun activities.

We're really excited about the new wildflower meadow that has now been planted around the back of church. If you've visited before you'll know that the back of church is a little overgrown! The eco-church team have been thinking hard about what we can do in the church grounds to make it, not only a more pleasant place to visit, but a place that encourages biodiversity (having lots of different plants and animals). If you've been taking part in "Craft and Worship" then you may have seen the amazing Bug Hotel, Bird Table and Bee House that has been made, which will hopefully increase the amount of different animals visiting church.

So why is biodiversity important? Well this is exactly what we asked a member of the team yesterday!

Biodiversity makes the world a much more interesting place to be, and from a Christian point of view, we are told that we are "stewards of this world" so we are meant to look after God's diversity and creations. From a human perspective a lot of plants that we have in the world are the basis of many medicines, so there's a practical side to this as well. A lot of the things that are out there - plants in particular, may help us have treatments for diseases and other conditions. We also use plants and animals for food, for clothing and many other uses. Biodiversity and maintaining biodiversity is really important because there is still a lot we don't know!

- Dr Ian Todd

It was great to spend time with everyone (both online and in person!) and to get chatting to new people and those we haven't seen in a while (at least not over Zoom!). It was also a great chance to think about what it means to be "together", both as Christians and within our amazing community. The pandemic has meant we have had to rethink what it is to be "together", meeting online, calling family members, waving through windows, prayer. Our Comm's Lead Ellie also had a chance to talk to someone who has been doing amazing work in Podsmead throughout the pandemic, keeping people together, connected and thought of.

We are continuing to think about togetherness and how we can explore this as a community. It would be great to hear your thoughts on what togetherness is or how it could look! If you'd like to come along to the next meeting then get in touch and we can send the details over. In the meantime, feel free to watch the video to find out more about how the morning looked!


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