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Trees of Hearts - Love from St Barnabas

If you walk or drive along the Stroud Road you will notice an unusual addition to the St Barnabas Church gardens. Three of our trees are now adorned with woollen hearts.

The three trees are themed with a colour scheme to match echoing some key emotions we may be feeling at this time. In addition the tree has a sign with some words from the Bible for you to reflect on.

If you are feeling sad or blue at this time our Tree of Sorrow with its blue hearts offers words of God’s comfort.

For those feeling anxious, worried, fearful or looking towards the future wondering what it might hold. Come and Visit our Tree of Hope with pink and green hearts and some wonderful words of Hope from God

Or you may be drawn to the red hearts on the Tree of Love and the verses that show how magnificent God’s love is for us as well as reminding us how we should love each other.

The hearts signify that whilst the building may be closed our Church is still very much open and dedicated to spreading God’s love and encouragement to all. Anyone walking past will be lifted by the joyful, colourful sight of the trees. Some will be glad to spend some precious moments of solitude and contemplation as they walk among the trees. Others will feel moved to take a picture of the verses and pick a heart from the tree to keep God with them in a more tangible way.

The hearts were knitted by the congregation and adorned our high altar and lecterns throughout the time of All Souls and Remembrance. As we can’t go into the church to see them just now it seemed fitting to bring them outside where more people can enjoy them. Please do come and see them and feel free to take one home with you if you would like.

Thank you so much to Rosa and the rest of the team for organising this beautiful installation.

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