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Welcome Pippa!

We are delighted to welcome Pippa to the team at St Barnabas!

Pippa is taking part in the Gloucester Ministry Experience Scheme, which gives people the opportunity to experience ministry in local churches in Gloucester whilst studying a part time degree in Theology. We are really excited to have her on the team for the next year and we will be seeing more of her in the coming weeks!

Hello, my name is Pippalina Daniels, known as Pippa. Starting soon I will be an intern at St Barnabas; I'm taking part in the Gloucester Ministry Experience Scheme as I prepare for ordination. I'm really excited to get involved and to meet you all soon. I grew up in south Wales and have just finished a degree from Lancaster University in History and Religious Studies. When not working or studying, I enjoy cycling, crafts and watching films.

You can get to know Pippa a bit better by watching the video below, which was taken from the service this morning.

Please keep Pippa in your prayers as she explores her vocation and settles in to Gloucester.

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